About the idea

First days of quarantine in Trikala (in the two straits). Suspension of work, boredom, stress and anxiety… .which fortunately became creative.

During a video conference (not), we decided to create onethematic interactive notebookto give a creative and humorous note to these difficult days.

Thus, during the quarantine period, the first moodbook was created"Home Survival Guide"and was available for free in electronic form for those who wanted to print it at home. Of course it is still available in our products to download it for free.

About the  

This is how moodbooks were created. Moodbooks is a brand project that arose through our experiences, ideas and our constant need to express ourselves with something new, interactive and special.

Moodbooks are basically notebooks. But they are not just notebooks because they are inspired by our emotions, the ways we express them, situations in which we feel joy, nerves, playful, strange, in love, desperate, nostalgic…

They are handmade, thematic, interactive and useful notebooks that suit your every mood (and if they do not fit in they make).

To many it may seem strange in the digital age we live in to suggest expressing yourself on paper. Try it, get a pen and write down your thoughts, color one of the designs we have prepared for you, write down your work or whatever you want and you will see that writing on paper brings you in touch with yourself.

About us

The companyURBANwas founded in 2013 in Trikala and within a short period of time managed to become a printing house capable of managing every professional and personal need of our customers.

From the beginning, our investments were focused exclusively on digital printing technology, enabling us to manage almost any type of printing work with great flexibility and speed.(www.urbanprint.gr)